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Holographic protection of polycarbonate IDs and Passports

You will love it.
Fraudsters will hate it.

IQ proID makes your IDs and passports super safe against forgery. Meet the advantages of this precise fabrication and unique application technology. Find the next level of document protection.

Meet IQ proID FULLFACE solution

All personalised data protected

Wallpaper holograms for protection of polycarbonate IDs and passports.

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Let’s increase identity protection with a more beautiful solution

The art of Identity Protection – Sophisticated holograms working in harmony with printed elements for polycarbonate documents

Limit the possibility of forgery with unique designs

Limited variety of shapes and small sizes of holograms make forgery easier. Say goodbye to these basic solutions! With IQ proID you can benefit from unlimited shapes, sizes and materials that improve your document’s safety.

More beautiful, more functional

IQ proID improves the functional quality by boosting the aesthetic quality.

Combining transparent holograms and printed elements
Combining metallic and transparent holograms
Combining metallic holograms and printed elements

Protect all important parts of the document

Fraudsters can easily manipulate everything that is not covered by holographic elements. Don’t make it easier for them! Protect the entire document area, including text zones.

All the data protected! Application of transparent holographic elements allows covering of textual information while not decreasing its readability. Moreover, this multi-area solution does not increase production costs.

Provide the protection with years of permanency

Standard holograms lose their optical qualities since their implementation requires adhesives, making  counterfeiting easier. Don’t allow that! IQ proID guarantees optical stability throughout the whole document‘s life span.

The application of IQ proID is free of organic materials. This guarantees the optical stability giving the document longevity.

Even the best hi-res hologram fades if you use adhesives in the application process.

Embed the holographic layer firmly in the document

The use of adhesives makes it possible to remove the whole hologram from the document. Disable the fraudsters! After lamination IQ proID becomes an integral part of the document.

The final document consists of one compact, indivisible layer. Micro-perforation of IQ proID means it cannot be removed without major damage.

Apply a new level of protection – with personalization of each hologram

Meet today‘s most sophisticated anti-fraud protection solution: engraving of personalized information into a metallic hologram. Difficult to counterfeit whilst allowing reliable authentication with the naked eye.

The personalized metallic part can contain a specific code, name of the card holder or number of the ID. This not only protects from counterfeiting but also the document itself.

Beat counterfeiters by implementation of IQ proID into transparent windows

Increase security with a first-level feature that allows quick and reliable optical control while powerfully preventing the document from copying.

Transparent windows can be easily combined with other personalized features like transparent holograms, metallic holograms or tactile elements. This allows unique designs that underlie the documents’ safety.

Rely on 100% precise and economic production

IQ proID is supplied on polycarbonate sheets or rolls. Lamination and the application of IQ proID is carried out simultaneously which simplifies and speeds up the production process whilst  increasing the mechanical strength of the document.

IQ proID is easily integrated with your manufacturing process. Its application is easy and precise which minimizes defects and waste.

Ask for solution of any complexity Get crystal clear pricing

All holograms in ONE security layer. ONE price, ZERO application cost.

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